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Creating superior braille materials for the blind and visually impaired in pursuit of education & independence.

Paths to Freedom

Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund (MBTF) is one of the largest braille production facilities of its kind in the nation.

Perhaps only the blind can fully realize the value of this program.

Blind individuals who are braille literate possess a fundamental requisite to find purpose and achieve efficacy in their lives. Blind children deprived of braille will ultimately be deprived of fulfillment of security and success in life.

As a result of MBTF’s efforts more children now have greater access to brailled books that are otherwise cost prohibited at commercial rates.

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Our facility transcribes textbooks and other printed materials into braille for blind and visually impaired persons.

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Braille Publications for Schools, Governments, & Businesses

We take on all kinds of projects

MBTF has a nation-wide reputation for a quality product, especially its tactile graphics.

Being a prison-based facility, we are able to offer our product at a much lower rate than our competitors.

The major factors behind the reasonable prices are the low cost of labor, high productivity, and non-profit status. These enable us to defray shipping expenses by utilizing the Free Matter for the Blind postage service provided by the U.S Postal Service.

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